What are the steps to a panel upgrade?

Step 2 Identify all wires with number tape

Step 1

Identification of fire hazard panel. For more info on dangerous panels, see my post “4 Outdated and Unsafe Electrical Panels That Could be Hiding in Your Home

Step 2

Identify all the wires with number tape

Step 3 Remove all wires

Step 3

remove all wires from bus, ground bar and neutral bar, move them out of the way of mounting screws

Step 4

Remove panel, cut new panel to size in sheet rock.  Remember you need extra space to land wires.

Step 5

Step 5 rerouting wires from the side

If there are wires coming in from the sides reroute them.  I did this using a hole saw, which I have found to be less damaging to sheet rock.

Step 6

land wires in new panel

Step 7

Step 7 land all wires in breakers and on neutral and ground bars

Land wires in ground and neutral bar and in breakers of new panel.

Step 8

Finish panel